Address by Counselor Ren Yisheng,Department of International Organizations and Conferences of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the Opening Ceremony of

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Address by Counselor Ren Yisheng, Department of International Organizations and Conferences of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the Opening Ceremony of the 4th Session of International Civil Servants Capacity Building Training Programme

July 7th , 2014,Shanghai

Secretary Jiang, President Liu, Director Lv, President Guo,

Students, ladies and gentlemen,

  First, on behalf of the Department of International Organizations and Conferences of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to the holding of the 4th session of International Civil Servants Capacity Building Training Programme.With the rapid development of information technology and economic globalization, the UN is playing an increasingly important role in maintaining world peace, improving global development, promoting mutually beneficial cooperation.

  Countries, out of the need of maintaining strategic advantages and demonstrating soft powers, generally pay attention to the right to speak, to rules-making, to decision-making, and to resources allocation. As a general practice, countries see sending talented people to work in international organizations as a way to realize their strategic goals and safeguard their core interests. It can be said that people working in international organizations are a strong diplomatic force.

  As a permanent member of UN Security Council, the largest developing country, as well as the world’s second largest economy, China has had great improvement in terms of comprehensive national strength and extended national interests, has enjoyed greater rights to speak in international affairs, and has enlarged its influence in such international organizations as UN. In recent years, China’s scale of assessment contribution to the UN regular budget has rapidly grown from less than 1% twenty years ago to the present 5.148%, ranking as the 6th largest contributor to UN.

A country’s scale of contribution to international organizations is one of the deciding factors of its representativeness in these organizations. With the fast-growing contribution to such international organizations as the UN, China’s representativeness in these organizations has seen improvement. There has been an increasing number of Chinese personnel working in international organizations, as well as meaningful breakthrough in competing for crucial positions.

  However, compared to other countries in terms of financial contributions to international organizations, we have less representativeness, reflected mainly in that Chinese work staff are small in number, low in level, few in core departments and key positions.

  In 2015, the UN General Assembly will deliberate a new scale of assessment for member states for the period of 2016-2018. China’s scale will most likely be raised which will make it the 4th largest financial contributor to the UN. China’s post range will grow from the present 113-157 to 160-200 accordingly. However, at present, there are only about 70 Chinese working in the UN according to the regional post range.

  China should pay more attention to the role of international organizations, from the perspective of spreading its influence as an emerging state and safeguarding its core interests, being more actively involved in international cooperation and international activities. One of the suggestions to strengthen work in this regard is to encourage Chinese university students and young people to join the UN Young Professionals Programme (YPP). Learning from developed countries, the practice called JPO (Junior Professional Officer) should also be recommended.

  It has been four years since this Training Programme was first launched in 2011. The Programme opens the door for Chinese young people to have a comprehensive knowledge of such international organizations as UN, provides them a key to enter these international organizations. I hope that everyone would cherish the opportunity, work hard, and will soon become a qualified, competitive talent for international organizations.

  We believe that, with our joint efforts, our nation will achieve more representativeness in international organizations like UN, and that more Chinese elites will display vitality, have bigger voice, and make contribution to the new type of Chinese diplomacy.

  Finally, I wish success for this year’s International Civil Servants Capacity Building Training Programme.

  Thank you.

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