Chinese Delegation Attends the Second BRICS Civil Forum

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Chinese Delegation Attends the Second BRICS Civil Forum


On October 3 and October 4, 2016, the second BRICS Civil Forum was held in New Delhi, India. Themed on Towards Exploring Inclusive Partnerships and Collective Solutions representatives held in-depth discussion on topics of Quality of Economic Growth; Global Governance and Development Finance and etc.

The Chinese delegation, headed by Amb. Xie Bohua, Executive Board Member of UNA-China, consisted of experts and scholars from the UNA-China, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China Institute of International Studies and Peking University.

This meeting is one of the activities that lead up to this year’s BRICS Summit in Goa, India. It indicates the comprehensiveness and inclusiveness of the BRICS cooperation.




Speech at the BRICS CSO Forum by Amb. Xie Bohua.docx


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