The 2013 Trilateral Presidents’ Meeting of UNA-China, UNA-Japan and UNA-ROK Held in Japan

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16 September 2013 – the 2013 Trilateral Presidents’ Meeting of UNA-China, UNA-Japan and UNA-ROK was held in Sapporo, Japan. Amb. Lu Shumin, President of the UNA-China, Dr. Sen Genshitsu, President of the UNA-Japan, Amb. Lee Ho-Jin, Vice-President & CEO of the UNA-ROK, and Amb. Park Soo-gil, President of the WFUNA attended the meeting.

The meeting exchanged views on topics including East Asian Cultural Tradition and Peace, Prevention and Resolution of Conflicts through Continuing Contacts and Dialogue, Cooperation for Achieving MDGs and Sustainable Development. It was reaffirmed the important role of the Confucianism and its five core elements, namely ren, yi, li, zhi, xin, on the East Asian societies. It was agreed that the essence of the East Asian culture and the Confucianism was the pursuit of peace and harmony. The three countries should work together and transform the cultural values into political and economic ones.

The UNA-China delegation held bilateral meetings with the delegations of the UNA-Japan and the UNA-ROK.


The Presidents from the UNA-China, the UNA-Japan and the UNA-ROK meet annually, and this trilateral mechanism serves as a regular and unofficial channel for the three UNAs to exchange views on UN-related issues. The next meeting will be held in China.


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