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Child online safety under the spotlight at the World Internet Conference

'Cyber Cocoon Kids' art installation raises awareness of risks children may face online


WUZHEN, 04 December 2017– With the protection of children from abuse and exploitation, including on-line, as a key focus of work with the Government, UNICEF China has unveiled an art installation at the Fourth World Internet Conference in Wuzhen to raise awareness of the risks that children may face online. At the conference, UNICEF also co-hosted a Child Online Protection Forum bringing together global experts to share learning, experience and best practice in this area.


'Protecting children online is a vital issue in internet governance. That's why UNICEF has been engaged on this issue for years,' said Ms Fatoumata Ndiaye, UNICEF Deputy Executive Director, 'And protecting children online is closely linked to the Sustainable Development Goals, which represent governments' promises to their citizens to take action on key issues, including protecting children from violence, both offline and online.'



©UNICEF/China/2017/Zhang Wei

Ms Fatoumata Ndiaye, UNICEF Deputy Executive Director speaks on the forum.

The forum raised awareness of the risks faced by children online and promoted a coordinated response from government, industry and wider civil society. UNICEF China called for strong a national framework and regulatory standards for child online protection to minimize the risks that children face online and to ensure a swift response to any violations of children's rights.


In a strategic partnership with Tencent, UNICEF is working on a Child Online Protection Project to advance a shared commitment to ensuring a safe and positive online experience for all children.


'The internet offers children access to a whole world of possibilities – to learn, connect and play,' said Ms Rana Flowers UNICEF Representative to China. 'As policy makers, digital industry representatives or as parents and caregivers, we need to protect children from the worst that digital technology has to offer and expand their access to the best.'


UNICEF China worked with a creative team behind many successful commercial and social campaigns in China to create an artistic installation that explores the risks children face online despite the many positive benefits offered by the internet.



©UNICEF/China/2017/Xia Yong

A boy is checking the script on 'Cyber Cocoon Kids'.

Artist Xie Yong and Creative Director Kevin Wang developed the concept of 'Cyber Cocoon Kids' to represent the potential isolation that can occur when children inhabit a cyber world that parents and caregivers do not fully understand.


Four sculptures were created by using a combination of form, lighting and voice to share four key risks from the perspective of children. The four sculptures address cyberbullying; excessive use of the internet, online child sexual abuse and the oversharing of personal information.


'Through this art installation, we hope to give parents and caregivers an insight into the online experience of children,' continued Ms Flowers. 'We need to start a conversation with children about the risks and help them enjoy the many benefits of the internet, while staying safe from harm online.'




UNICEF China has unveiled an art installation at the Fourth World Internet Conference in Wuzhen to raise awareness of the risks that children may face online.

A film accompanying the art installation follows the creation of the sculptures and explores the steps that parents and caregivers can take to help keep their children stay safe online.



Source: UNICEF in China (www.unicef.cn)