Vice-President Ms. HU Wenli attended the webinar “Asian Perspectives on the Role of the United Nations in Addressing Intensifying Global Challenges”

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On June 24, 2022, the Academic Council on the United Nations (ACUNS) held the webinar “Asian Perspectives on the Role of the United Nations in Addressing Intensifying Global Challenges”, discussing on the role of the UN, sustainable development and regional security etc. Ms. HU Wenli, Vice-President and Director-General of the United Nations Association of China, attended the meeting and made a keynote speech. More than 20 representatives of UN research institutes from China, Japan and Republic of Korea participated in the event.

Ms. HU Wenli said that at present, traditional and non-traditional security threats such as COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and regional conflicts continue to intensify. The global economic recovery is fragile and weak. The development gap is gradually widening. Global governance is facing severe challenges. Multilateralism is the master key to addressing global challenges. All member states of the UN should resolutely uphold the authority and standing of the UN, uphold the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, and adhere to the concept of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits in global governance. The international community needs to increase the representation and voice of developing countries in international affairs, advance democracy in international relations, and promote equity for all countries in rights, opportunities and rules. All countries need to strengthen international solidarity and speed up efforts to build a global community of health for all. Development issues should remain a priority for the UN. The international community need to further promote the building of an open world economy. Tackling climate change is an urgent task for every country. It is vital to uphold the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities, and implement of the outcomes of COP26 to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. China raised the Global Development Initiative and the Global Security Initiative, called for a global community for development, and provided a new approach to solve the global security dilemma. As important countries in the region and major economies in the world, China, Japan and Republic of Korea should strengthen cooperation and make contributions to the world peace and development.
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