Brief Introduction of CNMUN

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History of CNMUN


China National Model United Nations Conference (CNMUN) is the most influential Model UN activity in China. As the leading Model UN organizer, UNA-China introduced Model UN into China in 2000 and started to organize Model UN activity in 2002. China National Model United Conference CNMUN was established in 2004. It is hosted by UNA-China and sponsored by Australian Human Rights Commission. Since its debut, CNMUN has developed into the 9th session in 2012. The 8th and 9th CNMUN were not sponsored by Australian Human Rights Commission because that the Australia side was in review of all projects within the framework of the China-Australia Human Rights Technical Cooperation Program during 2011-2012. Centering mostly on human rights issues, CNMUN has been galvanizing and tapping into the intelligence and passion of those involved by serving as a platform for conversation and cooperation. Up till now, nearly 2500 participants have taken part in the previous 9 sessions.  



Previous CNMUN conferences: 


1st   CNMUN 2004                            China Foreign Affairs University

Topic A: Civil Rights and Development Rights  

Topic B: The Importance of Education of Human Rights  


2nd    CNMUN 2005                         Northwestern Polytechnic University

Topic A: Human Rights for HIV/AIDS Patients  

Topic B: Women and Children's Rights  


3rd   CNMUN 2006                                       Sichuan University

Topic A: International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights – Ideals

VS. Reality  

Topic B: Progress Made and Challenges Faced by the International Covenant on

Civil and Political Rights  


4th   CNMUN 2007                                   Heilongjiang University

Topic A: Rights to Education  

Topic B: Poverty and Human Rights  


5th   CNMUN 2008                                      Xiamen University

Topic A: Environment and Human Rights  

Topic B: Responsibility to ProtectHumanitarian Intervention Prevention  


6th   CNMUN 2009                                Beijing Normal University

Topic A: The Universality and Particularity of Human Rights  

Topic B: Children’s Education Right  


7th   CNMUN 2010                      Sichuan International Studies University Topic A: Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities  Topic B: The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the Universal Realization and Effective Enjoyment of Human Rights 


8th   CNMUN 2011                    National University of Defense Technology

Topic A: Accelerating Synergic Efforts in Achieving the Millennium Development

Goals with the Right to Development 

Topic B: Promotion and Protection for the Rights of Women 


9th   CNMUN 2011                           Tianjin Foreign Studies University

Topic A: Topic: Energy Exploitation and Environment Protection 

Topic B: International Cooperation and Aid on Disaster Readiness 

Topic C: Water Resource Sustainable Distribution and Utilization   


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