China-Australia Human Rights Technical Cooperation

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China-Australia Human Rights Technical Cooperation
UNA-China became one of the cooperating agencies in the Sino-Australia Human Rights Technical Cooperation Program (HRTCP) in 2004, making its due contribution to Sino-Australian human rights dialogue and cooperation. In the context of HRTCP, UNA-China has organized two programmes, playing an active role in disseminating knowledge of human rights and achievements in human rights made by the Chinese Government and raising public awareness of human rights issues.
The first program is China National Model United Nations (CNMUN), which is held annually since 2004 and quite well received by college students of China. So far, eight CNMUN have been convened in universities of different locations, with themes ranging from human rights of women and children, childrens education right, human rights for HIV/AID Patients, promotion and protection of the rights of persons with disabilities to International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the universality and particularity of human rights, civil rights and rights to development, right to education, etc. For each CNMUN, more than 200 college students from home and abroad take part. CNMUN is extremely popular with college students.
The second one is called Human Rights Knowledge Competition, and five of them have been organized till2010. Around 10,000 people from all walks of life took part in each competition. As a result, it substantially raised the public awareness of human rights issues. The program was put on hold in 2010.
The third one is Human Rights Knowledge Training Class.Given the importance of consistent education of human rights for college students, UNA-China proposed a project called Human Rights Training Class which would be independent of the annual CNMUN project and focus on international discussion of human rights issues. This idea got support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China (MFA) and was soon approved by AusAID. Thus UNA-China conducted the Human Rights Knowledge Training Class 2011, taking attainment of UN MDGs in relation to the Right to Development as well as Promotion and Protection of Womens Rights as the themes of lectures. The Class was held successfully with cooperation of Remin University.
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