Introduction of 2017 Trilateral Presidents Meeting and 8th China-Japan-ROK Youth Forum

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Introduction of 2017 Trilateral Presidents Meeting and 8th China-Japan-ROK Youth Forum

The Trilateral Presidents Meeting this year will be held in Beijing on 26-30 August with the participation of Presidents or Vice-presidents of UNA-China, UNA-Japan, UNA-ROK and WFUNA. The Meeting will be divided into 4 sessions:

 1) Sustainable Development Agenda;

2) Priorities of UN Secretary-General;

3) Culture Dialogue for Peace and Development;

4) Peacekeeping and Peace Building.

Each session will start with a lead speech from a Chinese expert followed by discussions.

As a parallel event of the Trilateral Presidents Meeting, the 8th China-Japan-ROK Youth Forum will be held at Beijing Foreign Studies University from 30 August to 2 September. The Forum consists of two parts: Model United Nations Conference and Youth Symposium. The Model UN Conference will be organized in the simulation of the UN General Assembly with the topic of Prevention of Armed Conflicts and Refugee Crisis. The Youth Symposium will discuss 3 topics:

1) Cooperation of China, Japan and ROK on Implementing SDGs;

2) Culture Dialogue for Peace and Development;

3) Peacekeeping and Peace Building.

Forty students from Japan and ROK and 60 students from China will participate in the Forum. Heads of the three UNA delegations and President of WFUNA are invited to deliver speeches at the Opening Ceremony of the Forum.

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