Lu Shumin Spoke Highly of the Establishment of Shanghai UN Research Association (SUNRA)

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Lu Shumin Spoke Highly of the Establishment of Shanghai UN Research Association (SUNRA) 

12 September 2013 - Ambassador Lu Shumin, President of the UNA-China, made remarks at the inaugural meeting of the Shanghai UN Research Association (SUNRA), accompanied by Ms. Zhang Xiao’an, Vice-President & Director-General of the UNA-China.  


On behalf of the UNA-China, Amb. Lu extended warm congratulations to the SUNRA, believing the set-up of the SUNRA will advance the study and publicity of the ideas and tasks of the UN in China, especially in Shanghai. It would also help to mobilize more local support for the work of the UN, and further promote the relationship between China and the UN as well. To ensure the long-term development of the SUNRA, he gave three pieces of advice, ranging from adopting an incremental approach, striking a balance between research and operational activities to serving as a platform for relevant parties interested in the UN issues.




President Lu also said in an interview, the UNA-China supported the set-up of the SUNRA and the cooperation between the UNA-China and the SUNRA would be closer in the future. 
Ms. Zhang Xiao’an briefed the meeting on the work of the UNA-China. 

The SUNRA was launched by the Fudan University, the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and some other Shanghai academic colleges and research institutions, with focuses on academic research, policy consultation and training, with aim to promote the development of UN in Shanghai and China, to further study of the UN-related issues. 






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