The Australian Human Rights Commission evaluated and gave full affirmation to the China Model United Nations Conference

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Recently, the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) entrusted its assessmentconsultant to evaluate the project China Model United Nations Conference (CNMUN) hosted by the United Nations of Association of China (UNA-China). The assessment was conducted through ways such as questionnaires and on-site interviews by selected teacher and student representatives from various Chinese universities and the University of New South Wales. An evaluation report was produced thereafter.

The report gives full confirmation to the China Model United Nations (CNMUN) for its positive influence in improving students’ research ability, broadening knowledge, deepening comprehension of international issues, and promoting interactions between students and teachers of different cultural backgrounds. The reports claims that CNMUN has became an important platform of communication and interaction between teachers and students among Chinese universities, as well as between Chinese and Australian universities, and that its effect is satisfactory. The report also says that UNA-China is the only non-governmental organization in China committed to the promotion of the purposes and principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, and has done a lot of work, CNMUN one of them, to enhance public awareness on the spirit and work of the UN. The report also points out that, with the growing influence and the growing scale of CNMUN, problems such as how to strike a balance between enlarging scale and guaranteeing academic quality, and how to guide students to learn more about the UN spirit and ideas, should be attached more importance by the host.  



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